Defunct Cookbook Doomsday: KFOR 1240AM’s Slow Cooker Classics


I made the mistake of catching up on reading today.

I got a fair dose of past, present, and future bloodshed and perpetual campaign promises for more stupid shit, and now I feel pretty useless and bitter/green trying to write anything at all – so I’ll share this Humans of New York post with y’all.

Can’t let bastards grind away the slightest bit of humanity. Especially the messy, discordant energy of basic human worry. That’s a starter kit for survival in any wilderness. Start a fire and you’ll meet who needs light.

Forward with the crapola.

Every week, Side/Dishes showcases a recipe from an out-of-print or defunct (or vintage – call it what you will) cookbook. This week’s featured text is brought to us courtesy of Lincoln, Nebraska’s KFOR 1240am Problems and Solutions  radio call-in show. Slow Cooker Classics, is a pretty little pamphlet delivering grody timeless southeastern Nebraskan comfort food recipes to the, uh, time-crunched Capital City commuter.

photo 3 (12)
Slow Cooker Classics, published by KFOR 1240am (December, 2014.)

Exhibit One: Cheeseburger in a Bowl? Trust you on the lettuce? A populist classic for sure!

photo 1 (14)

Exhibit Two: Back to the womb we go…Grape jelly meatballs? If I had to guess, probably the number one, go-to Super Bowl party recipe for Vikings and North Dakota State fans.

photo 2 (13)

Those grape jelly meatballs…are talking to you. Talking to you.

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