Just returned from a five day road trip to Ashland City, Tennessee – I’ve shared some pictures above the fold. Recipes for qutab forthcoming; expect a separate post, food readers!

Point of advice to any travel-bitten new(ish) parents out there – if Google Maps predicts 10 hours, but your partner and little one both have virulent stomach bugs, anticipate at least 15 hours in the car.

Regardless, it was well worth the drive (and GI discomfort) to meet with friends from Florida and spend the whole weekend by a creek enjoying plentiful sun, creek, and outdoors grilling to celebrate the Feast of Revivification.

The Thursday night exodus: Sunset over the Missouri River floodplain (through a dirty window) – Tarkio, MO.
photo (13)
The retreat.

“They make bombs they say can blow up our world here
Well, a country boy like me, I will agree
But if all you folks out there will remember
They made the first atomic bomb in Tennessee”

Carl Perkins, “Tennessee” (1956)

The warning below, leveled at workers of Oak Ridge, Tennessee’s top secret uranium enrichment complex during World War II, may remind the contemporary viewer of the “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” catchphrase. Both examples circumscribe the official secrecy and informal gab of worksites within a nuclear state; compare/contrast with the more recent “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign.

Evidently, the “what you see here…” meme has of late been adopted by Alcoholics Anonymous.

Sign at Oak Ridge, TN Manhattan Project facility where uranium for the first atomic bombs was purified. Photo: Life/Ed Clark, 1945 (courtesy, neutrontrail.com)

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