Brews and Tunes!

Beer time, folks!

Mind you, the copy for each of these was written as part and parcel of five independent Facebook posts, from 2012 – 2015. For some reason, they all date from Januaries and a stray February.

Anyhoo, enjoy!

Carlsberg, Copenhagen, Denmark (Had it in Bound Brook, NJ in February, 2002)

Ukie folk sawing away, damn Danes monopolizing my beer tastes lately (this was in 2012)!

And what a nice little bundle there, in the cardboard sleeve. The first track is particularly riveting, chiefly as a sonorous, spellbinding execution of art and emotion. Boffins and collectors may also hold “Zmirneikos Balos” up to the bluest of skies as an exemplary cut of rebetiko music, a style of Greek popular ballad from the late 20s and early 30s, performed mainly in cafés and with Anatolian instruments. Rebetiko made its appearance in Piraeus, port of Athens, after a tumultuous, tragic westward migration and population transfer from – as the title of this piece would have it – Smyrna, formerly Ionian Greece, and since 1923, Izmir, Turkey.

Zywiec, Zywiec, Poland (Downed in Bound Brook, NJ in January, 2012)

Hooked up my phono this afternoon (back in January of 2012.) Sorted through some of my LPs, found this dear old nugget – not much to improve on here, beerwise. Lager and crisp breaks!

Anyone else here of my generation first get into Herbie Hancock through, uh…Toe Jam ‘N’ Earl?

Praga Pilsener, brewed in Ceske Budejovice (Procured in Somerville, MA in January, 2014)


Praga (ironically brewed in České Budějovice – the old German Budweis)…instills in me a craving to listen to/through “Radio Prague,” (through, as it’s so…airy, with the wavering shrill of shortwave and the tinny socialist fanfare) the lead off track to OMD’s “Dazzle Ships” – still a mystifying listen after ten years of enjoyment.

Steelhead Extra Stout by Mad River Brewing, Blue Lake, CA (Poured out on January 1, 2015 in Somerville, MA)

My TVC one five for the evening. Transmitting licorice density and jump-up hops.

Berkshire Brewing Company’s Shabadoo Black & Tan, So. Deerfield, MA (Enjoyed from the bottle in Somerville, MA, January 2015)

A study in contrasts. This afternoon’s (2015) new years’ day playlist, set to the spiral scratchings of Berkshire Brewing’s Black and Tan. Beer 700 in this grand experiment that’s entering its fourth year (this was back before beer 968…which, I hope, to transfer to a more durable, more appropriate venue from Facebook.)

…I’ve always contested that the very instance when Lou and John play with their deliveries around the line “neatly pump air” is the height of their collaborative and personal project.

Also, the trilling and whooshing. The Velvets as progenitors of ASMR-pop?


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