Now Playing: Fela and Afrika 70, “Zombie”

5 thoughts on “Now Playing: Fela and Afrika 70, “Zombie”

  1. Quite! Yeah, it’s exceptional at times – I’ve got access to all these mid-60s era critical theory and social space analysis texts unloaded from UNL. Blast from the past.


    1. one needs whatever refuge one can find to make it in this kind of madteapartying seeing-red-state-of-mind that the “nice” state makes for, I didn’t know that people outside of the deep south had such chip on shoulder inferiority complexes but “we don’t coast”…


      1. Trumpmenbashi! Hahahahaha…oh man…I’ve played through the sound and mouthfeel of that a few times, but man…yeah. I don’t know; latest report from a bowling alley here in Lincoln was of a sharp relief with the Trump rally in St. Louis; seemed there were more anti-Trump voices from what my sources tell me. If Trump’s not clicking with bowling alley patrons in Lincoln, NE, we may need to reconsider our model for understanding the spread of Trumpism in the midwest. One case, not much to generalize on.


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