An Inventory of Particularly Good Music – Today’s Edition

Just a few songs that have (re)captivated me lately.

Red Krayola, “Born in Flames” (feat. Lora Logic; 1980) – Because a new left must embrace new subjectivity; and don’t yodel-shame.

TEEN, “Free Time” (2016) – In which “Freedom of Choice” is another turgid mansplaination, a false one, and was never the term of the contest; a victim of collision on the open sea, or to die to go swimming in that water on her own free time?

The Blow, “Fists Up” (2006) – An internal geography for “Life During Wartime,” written by a woman. At last. Much has been made of the “fortress / Louvre” lyric – does the speaker suffer from mal d’amour or archive fever; in a museum like the Louvre as in a fortress, there should be no secret that can partition absolutely. But can Derrida dance?

Clio, “Faces” (1985) – “Faces – you see a lot of people got two faces / You must give your mind to all the faces”

Celine Neon, “Getcha Good” (2015) – Listen and learn: “I don’t want to go there with you; do not make me go there with you.”

The Tammys, “Egyptian Shumba” (1963) – The bombshell Pierson and Wilson’s B-52s were always already loaded with.

Dvouleta Fama, “To Ta Ta To” (1983) – Were I fluent in Czech, I could write a dissertation on this song’s role in communist-era Czechoslovakian underground music. I’ve already used up my English (poorly) elaborating the vital thing of this song to my (poor) friends.


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